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Guild of Master Craftsmen

Every customer knows the importance of a good reputation. A good reputation opens doors. A poor one can be a permanent barrier to obtaining new business. 

One of the main advantages of belonging to The Guild of Master Craftsmen is to share in its reputation for skill and integrity. In the eyes of prospective customers, any member of the Guild is automatically identified with those who have already shown their determination to provide quality products and services. This is something that gives reassurance to the customer but also places an obligation on the member to achieve high standards. 

The Guild has long established that one of its primary objectives is to preserve high standards. This is achieved through a selection process which ensures that only those committed to skill and integrity are admitted to membership. Because of this the Guild's emblems, which members are permitted to use, are recognised in the market place as symbols of the Guild's reputation for quality. 

Today, thousands of companies up and down the country belong to The Guild of Master Craftsmen. A large proportion of these were recommended for membership by members of the public, institutions, other businesses and fellow members. And all have had their membership endorsed by their customers. 

Membership is only available to those who can demonstrate that they consistently achieve high standards and are therefore eligible to receive the Guild's prestigious "Certificate of Quality and Service". For some companies membership of the Guild is one of their most important assets. Many recognise that it would cost them a considerable amount of money to build a comparable reputation for quality with such a strong corporate identity. Their membership of the Guild is recognition of their commitment to skill and integrity, and their determination to maintain high standards. 


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