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The Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board

We are members of the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). We have UKAS Product certification for the design, installation, corrective and preventative maintenance of Intruder Alarm Systems in accordance with the requirements of the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)/ABI sector scheme.

The Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) was founded in 1994 by a large section of the security installation industry.

It is a non profit making organisation, whose sole aim is to promote the highest standards in the security industry and protect purchasers, hirers and users of security systems against unsafe or unsound security installations.

The SSAIB publishes a Roll of Installers throughout the country who are Registered with the SSAIB and who meet its exacting criteria.

Registered Security Systems, Companies and Technical Standards

Installers on the SSAIB Roll are required to carry out their work with materials of good quality, installed by competent installers who are adequately supervised.

All security installation work carried out by SSAIB Registered Installers must conform to the current editions of the relevant British or European Standards.

After a full and detailed inspection, all installers Registered by the SSAIB sign an undertaking to work to these standards and are regularly re-inspected by SSAIB Inspectors to ensure they continue to do so. Recognised organisations failing to comply with the SSAIB criteria are removed from the Roll.

Certificates of Conformity

Every installation carried out by Registered Installers must be issued with a Certificate of Conformity. This is a declaration signed by the Registered Installer that the installation conforms with British or European Standards and with the agreed specification. If by the time of commissioning (handing over) of the system. you have not received such a certificate ask the installer for it. It is a valuable document keep it safe.

Emergency Service

All Registered Installers have a 24 hour emergency call out facility. Ensure that you know the procedure for emergency call out so that, if any problems occur with your system. You can contact the Registered Installer to have it rectified.

Regular Maintenance

Excellent as modern technology may be, it is still essential that your system is checked and serviced at regular intervals. All Registered Installers offer a comprehensive maintenance service and we strongly advise you to take advantage of it.

Electrical Connections

Recent regulations have come into force making it an offence to engage a person to make permanent connections to any part of an electrical installation unless they are competent to do so, within the meaning of British Standard 7671 (1992) (IEE Wiring Regulations 16th Edition). If anyone other than a competent person installs the mains connections to any system, and an accident occurs as a result, both the customer and the person that carried out are legally responsible.

Insurance Cover

It is most important to you the customer that adequate insurance cover is carried by the installer to protect you in the event of anything going wrong. All Registered Installers must carry a full range of insurance cover. Always check that a prospective installer carries such cover - a mistake could cost you dearly.


Through a complaints procedure the SSAIB Investigates all allegations that Registered Installers have not complied with the Inspection Board's technical standard and where substantiated requires the company to correct any faults at no extra cost to the consumer. A copy of this document is available from our office on request.

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